DeMorgenzon – Stellenbosch

As I sit here compiling this short experience I listen to the most beautiful classical music playing in the backround.

And THAT is the secret of this hidden gem up on the hills outside Stellenbosch. On a rainy morning we found ourselves driving through the gates of the most beautiful farm. When you get out of your car you are surrounded by hills and valleys covered with vineyards with beautiful mountains as backdrop. It is the location of the farm that lead to the name DeMorgenzon meaning “the morning sun”. Beautiful historical buildings wrapped with gardens and flowers leading into the vines. On arrival we were welcomed by one of the friendly staff members who also pointed out that we should enjoy the music flowing over the vineyards with the winter sun lighting up yellow and red leaves. The tasting room welcomes you with its comfortable fireplace and yet again friendly faces who ensured our tasting is an informed experience. O and be aware, you will not leave without some beautifully crafted wines to take home. Awesome experience with the most spectacular setting surrounded with classical music. Wine and music – the secret to a unique experience that will linger in your soul as you see this farm drifting away in your rear mirror. Let Venture Photography take you on this adVENTURE as we explore more and more of Stellenbosch.


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