Of Wine, Art and Vistas…

I want to take you on a journey in and around Cape Town. As a tourist guide I always try to showcase not just the usual locations but some true local culture along with it. Capturing some of these locations and journeys is a passion and one I gladly share with my clients.

Day 1 – Exploring the winelands with a view on art, food and yes, good wines. We are surrounded with beautiful landscapes and stories of communities involved in art and culture. We sometimes just need to stop and look around instead of rushing off to the next location. Explore, discover and soak it all in. We share a diverse wine experience from very old school history to modern classic tastings. Modern buildings presenting beautiful wines along with a architectural historical exploration.

Day 2 – Table Mountain, our local Wonder of the World is a spectacular viewpoint to start your journey all the way into downtown Cape Town. Fill all of that with a rich history of how Cape Town developed and the stories around some of the buildings, communities and cultures. The heart of Cape Town is filled with rich little moments that will leave you with a smile. This is a journey we all need to take and understand why WE call this HOME.